Crystal Lentine, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbologist

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Crystal Lentine is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbologist.  She received her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in 1993.

She is recognized in the Acupuncture community for her skill and talent as a practitioner, and for her use and knowledge of Chinese herbs.  Her success comes from her ability to eliminate the underlying problems that cause disease and disharmony in the body.

Crystal Lentine facilitates the dynamic flow of energy to balance and heal the body, and allow emotions to surface.  An individual can then transform and heal both the emotional and physical body.  Her patients express renewed enthusiasm for life, their work, and family.

                                        "The most beautiful part of my work is to see people heal, shift and
                                                            take power back into their lives."

                "I was seriously ill for a few years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  The treatments 
                I received from medical doctors did not improve my condition nor did they relieve 
                my pain and discomfort.  Acupuncture treatments with Crystal Lentine both 
                alleviated my pain and eventually delivered me back to a healthy productive life."

                Utanah Brown, Whittier

"I find Crystal's practice of Chinese Medicine and herbs to powerfully heal mental
                and physical disease.  Her knowledge plus intuition enables a grand view of the
                body's subtle energies.  As a healer she possesses a beautiful balance of wisdom
                and compassion that opens doors to emotional and physical wellness."

                  BRC, Yoga Instructor

"It has been our experience that Ms. Lentine's care and treatments have greatly 
                benefited our family's health.  Our daughter was diagnosed with life threatening
                kidney disease.  After 18 months of treatment with Ms. Lentine the doctors at
                UCLA Medical Center found that there was no evidence of the condition.  To this
                day our daughter is in excellent health.  Her unparalleled kindness and
                understanding make Crystal Lentine a gifted healer."

                  Victoria Scott, Malibu

For the past 16 years Crystal Lentine's treatments have helped hundreds of men, women and children attain new levels of health and wellness, and create a platform of stability and balance on which to enjoy life.

                     Call and begin your healing journey today (805) 208-4007


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